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Private Party Case Study

Event Brief.

Private Party for 100 Guests needs to house a water feature down one side. Would like it divide into three sections but keep it as one structure.



What We Proposed.

A fully floored 441sqm structure, comprising of covered 2m x 35m walkway to the main structure of 15m x 21m, a bridge is to be constructed over the existing water feature into the bar area of 6 meters to include a circular 4m mirrored bar unit with a tear drop chandelier above, to the right is a 6 metre dance area with ivory start cloth in the ceiling and a 3m x 6m recessed stage for the band. To the left-hand side there is 9m dining area made up with 5ft square tables and ghost chairs. In the ceiling is a grey roof spider and tack wall lining. Behind the main structure is a 9m x 6m back of house marquee. 

3d plans
2d plans

the Result.


The Wow Factor.

A full length water feature with bridge and fountains contain inside the structure.  A giant teardrop chandelier over a mirrored circular bar, bespoke 9m x 15m gunship grey roof spider and tack of wall lining. 

What We Delivered.

"Wow what a party!!! Joseph Benjamin marquees you really surpassed yourselves. My guests were bowled over by the standard of the venue you guys put together, the water fountains worked brilliantly.

I never knew you could construct such a stunning venue with the use of a temporary structure."

(Karen Mee - London 40th Party)